AccuWebHosting Windows VPS Review

AccuWebHosting is a hosting company based in the US and it’s one of the veterans in the industry. In this review, we’re going to look into its windows VPS service specifically for trading Forex Purposes.

I came across this VPS provider when I was looking for the best forex VPS and after examination, tests, and review, I got convinced that AccuWebHosting is good enough to be on our list of best forex VPS.

AccuWebHosting VPS Overview

Basic Plan$6.99 & Forex Plan: $ 9.99
Datacenter Locations
DDoS ProtectionUp to 3 GBps
Customer ServiceLive chat, ticket, email, phone
RefundUp to 7 days
WebsiteVisit AccuWebHosting

AccuWebHosting VPS Features

When it comes to picking a VPS for forex trading, there are some factors that are more critical and we need to pay closer attention to. I talked about them to a great extent on the best forex VPS article and in this review, we’re going to assess and examine these features for the windows VPS of AccuWebHosting.

Although most of these factors are important to consider for all VPS users with any purposes the ones that we pay heed to here are more essential for forex users.

For instance, if you use a windows VPS to host your website, a 20 ms latency wouldn’t be a big deal, however, if you have a sensitive forex robot (EA) that latency might not suitable for you. You might need a VPS that has a 1 or 2 ms latency to your broker so that your trades can be executed as fast as possible.

Anyway, let’s see how well AccuWebHosting VPS is in our considered factors.

Location and Latency

As I mentioned, one of the most important factors for choosing a Forex VPS is latency. In general, we want a VPS with the least latency possible to our broker. It means that the datacenters of our VPS should be close to the datacenters of our broker.

This would probably not be a problem if we pick AccuWebHosting VPS since they have datacenters all over the world. The datacenters of most Forex brokers are located in the US and/or the UK but in case your broker’s datacenter is in other locations, AccuWebHosting probably covers you as well.

Besides different parts of the US and UK, AccuWebHosting has datacenters in South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, South Africa, India, and Sweden.

I’ve reviewed many VPS providers and I’m pretty sure AccuWebHosting is one of the top providers in terms of datacenters geographical distribution. I don’t think there are many forex brokers that their datacenters aren’t located in at least one of those locations — that’s why I said you wouldn’t have any latency problem with AccuWebHosting VPS.

By the way, you can find the latency of your broker to different AccuWebHosting’s dataceneters by a tool located on each plan. Basically, you choose your broker and it shows the latency of your broker to all datacenter of AccuWebHosting and suggests the one that has the lowest latency. This short video displays how you can do that.


Uptime is another factor that we consider when reviewing a VPS service for Forex trading because it can affect some strategies especially when it comes to EAs.

Downtime can cause disconnection and if you use a sensitive EA such as those that apply high frequency trading, it can have an impact on the results of the EA and lead to some losses.

AccuWebHosting guarantees 99.9% uptime. Some VPS providers state that they provide a 99.9% uptime but they don’t place any relevant clause in their terms of service. It means although they might say they provide such an uptime, in reality, there is no guarantee.

It doesn’t mean the uptime of their VPS service is not necessarily 99.9%, but since there are some unforeseen occasions, they prefer not to bring it up in their TOS.

That said, AccuWebHosting is not one of those providers. They proclaim on the AccuWebHosting TOS page that their VPS services’ uptime is 99.9% and if they can’t keep their promise, you are compensated.

 DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are one of the culprits of downtime and consequentially disconnection, however, this factor is mostly a critical one when we want a VPS service for hosting a website. When we consider a VPS for trading, it’s not as important.

With that said, since it causes disconnection which can take a toll, particularly on our EAs, a level of protection is suggested.

Normally 1 GBps DDoS protection will suffice for forex trading purposes, however, AccuWebHosting provides a 3 GBps protection on their services.

Customer Service

Since AccuWebHosting is a rather large hosting provider and they have many clients, satisfying all of them and providing an excellent support service is not an easy task to do.

They offer several contact methods including email, ticket, 24/7 live chat, and phone. I decided to contact them via live chat and email to see how well they respond and how fast I can get my answers.

I contacted them on several occasions. The live chat was pretty fast and I would be connected with an agent almost immediately. The agents were helpful and would answer all my questions and in some cases, I was referred to some pages on the website where I could find my answers.

The emails were answered within 30 minutes, more or less, which is a reasonable time for such a service.

Of course, the level of support is not the same in different plans. In basic plans, you probably don’t get as much support as in more advanced plans. For example, the first plan they offer for the windows VPS costs you $6.99 which is a rather low price in the industry, regarding the resources it has, however, it has unmanaged support which means you only receive basic support. In other words, the more you pay the better service you get.

AccuWebHosting Windows VPS Purchase Plans

AccuWebHosting windows VPS has several plans with different resources and prices. The range of resources would probably cover all types of users and the prices are reasonable.

 Whether you need a VPS for basic usage, for example you just want to install one trading platform such as MT4/MT5, or you’re a professional trader with several EAs, you will not have any problems finding the resources you need.

In addition to all the designed plans, you can also customize the resources of your VPS and build the one suitable for your needs — this is a feature that not many VPS providers offer.

The cheapest plan that you can buy is $6.99 and it’s one of the plans in the “windows VPS hosting” section of AccuWebHosting website.

They also have some plans designed particularly for Forex and you can find them under “Forex Trading VPS” section.

Something that confused me when I was checking the plan was the cheapest plans in the two mentioned categories. I noticed the cheapest plan in the “Windows VPS Hosting” section is cheapest than the first plan in the “Forex Trading VPS” section while the former has higher resources, higher storage and bandwidth in particular.

Well, I talked to them about that and they explained:

The Forex VPS plan is managed which means you receive extra support.

Basically, if you’re new to VPS services and/or you want better support paying 2 or 3 extra bucks and picking the forex VPS is probably worth it. Anyway, here we’re going to review the plans of the Forex VPS.

There are 4 Forex plans in general, however, as I said earlier, you can add extra resources to each of them in case you need some specific slices.

Forex VPS 1

This is the basic plan of forex VPS and obviously the cheapest one. You only pay $9.99 and receive a VPS with 1 GB RAM and a 2-Core CPU which is enough if you want to have 1 or 2 trading platforms (MT4/MT5) on it.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
2 Core1 GB35 GB SSD250 GB2012$9.99

Forex VPS 2

If you need more resources, for example if you decide to install 3 or 4 MetaTraders on your VPS, you might want to go with this plan. It gives you 2 GB RAM and a 3-Core CPU.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
3 Core2 GB40 GB SSD500 GB2012, 2016, 2019$19.99

Forex VPS 3

If you want to run several EAs/MetaTraders without lagging or other problems, you might want to pick this plan. With a 4-Core CPU and 4 GB RAM, you can expect to have a smooth performance.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
4 Core4 GB45 GB SSD750 GB2012, 2016, 2019$31.99

Forex VPS 4

If the amount of resources in the previous plans don’t meet your needs and you demand more, this professional plan might be what you’re looking for. With a 4-Core CPU and 8 GB RAM, this plan covers many forex users.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
4 Core8 GB50 GB SSD1 TB2012, 2016, 2019$59.99

All the AccuWebHosting VPS plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

AccuWebHosting Windows VPS is among the top services you can get in the industry. The quality of their service is up to par and the prices of their VPS are reasonable.

They also provide a high standard condition including an uptime guarantee which is stated in their TOS and of course a service level agreement to compensate you in case they can’t retain the guaranteed uptime.

Another strong suite of AccuWebHosting VPS which is especially critical for some forex traders/EAs is having datacenters in different parts of the world. As we saw in this review, it decreases the latency you receive to an insignificant degree so your trades are executed as fast as possible.

The only downside that I see is related to their support for basic plans which doesn’t have the same quality as their higher level plans.

If you want to see more VPS providers, especially for Forex, and also compare AccuWebHosting with them, you can check out The Best Forex VPS article.

AccuWebHosting Wndows VPS






DDoS Protection


Customer Service


Plans Variety





  • Several Datacenters
  • Plan Customization


  • Basic Support in Low Level Plans

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