Advanced Price Action Course (review+coupon)

Advanced Price Action Course (review+coupon)

The advanced price action course is created by Chris Capre who is the founder of

Last Update: January 2020

NameThe Advanced Price Action
Created byChris Capre
LevelBeginner to Advanced
Member ChannelYes
Coaching SessionYes
coupon15% off (find the code at the bottom of the review)
free courseFree Beginners Course

About Chris Capre

Chris became familiar with trading in 2001. Before that, he was a Yoga trainer and hadn’t had any academic background in financial markets. He actually has a pretty simple story on how he broke into the trading world. One day, he was teaching Yoga to one of his trainee and the person gave him a book about trading currency and everything started for him from there. He started forex trading a few months later and in 2004, he got hired by FXCM as a broke. .after that, he got a job in a hedge fund and in 2007, he started teaching his own course

If you want to know more about his journey, you can watch this video

Chris Capre: How a Millionaire Transformed Him From Yoga Teacher To Pro Forex Trader // TTL Ep. 12

Before I write this review, I went through his website and analyze that thoroughly. Plus, I checked almost every unbiased review to see what people, who take the course, say about the course in particular and the package in general. It took me my whole Saturday but I think it’s worth it because I can give you my real and honest opinion. The review that you read is an excerpt of that study.

The amount of information on the website about the course and the type of price action that Chris applies is almost comprehensive so you can get a good grasp of what is behind the course and Chris’s mind.

Chris’s attitude towards the market which comes from his Yoga and Neuroscience background is kind of unique and interesting. I like this because psychology in trading is something that isn’t respected by almost everyone who starts trading including myself. This part of trading comes to your mind after a  few months of trading when you’ve burnt a few accounts to the ground.

The technical analysis part, or as he likes to call it price action concept, is also much better than a lot of price action courses that I’ve seen. It’s not based on the traditional definition which is all about candlesticks. He considers order flow mixed with support/resistance, and the patterns generated from that combination.

Course sections

Advanced price action course contains 8 sections each has several modules that show a step-by-step roadmap.

  1. Price Action Context
  2. Critical Price Action Structures You Need to Know
  3. Trading Breakouts Like A Pro
  4. Tactics & Trade Management Skills
  5. Risk & Money Management Models
  6. Building Your Successful Trading Mindset
  7. Your Trade Setups & Live Trade Examples
  8. Trading Preparation, Analysis, Review & Your Trading Plan

An Overview Of The Sections

  • The first section, Price Action Context, has 5 modules and as the name implies, provides you the basic information you need to start.
  • The second section, Critical Price Action Structures You Need to Know, is about the fundamental and basic structures and patterns you need to recognize so that you can trade based on them.
  • The third section, Trading Breakouts Like A Pro, is related to the more advanced structures which are based on breakouts and how to detect false breakouts and what kind of breakouts you can trade.
  • The fourth section, Tactics & Trade Management Skills, contains trading different instruments such as currency, stock, etc. it also shows the ways you can manage your trades and decrease your mistakes.
  • The fifth section, Risk & Money Management Methods, as the name shows is all about money and risk management. You can learn the method he uses to control the risk of his trades and decreases drawdown
  • The sixth section, Building Your Successful Trading Mindset, deals with the psychology part of trading. The part that most of the courses don’t even touch on, and I think it’s one of the important sections, or maybe the most important section, of this course.
  • The seventh section, Your Trade Setups & Live Trade Examples, contains various examples of live trading with the different setups of the strategy.
  • The eighth section, Trading Preparation, Analysis, Review & Your Trading Plan, is about the tasks you should do before trading including preparing you and your chart.

Additional Materials

The additional materials coming with the course is up to par and it shows that he cares about what he does in terms of teaching. You’ll have pretty good support including

  • Access to his setup ideas several times a week
  • Weekly sessions, covering different setups and opportunities for the new week
  • Weekly FAQ sessions where student’s questions is answered
  • Monthly webinars on the various subjects of his strategy
  • Online community or channel where Chris and his students post live setups on various financial instruments


There is a section at the bottom of the advanced price action course page where you can find some questions that you may have.


In Chris Capre’s website, you can find a Testimonials page where there are feedbacks from people who bought his courses. Here is an excerpt of them (click to zoom in):

But a testimonial from a seller’s page can’t necessarily be reliable, can be.  In the end, Every cook praises his own broth, right? So you have to find an unbiased place where people comment freely and give their opinion about what they’ve bought.

  FPA is where you can see the unbiased reviews of advanced price action course. The rate is 4.794 out of 5 from 130 people which is pretty impressive. It shows that there is more than 95% satisfaction with the advance price action course.

The Bottom Line

The Advanced Price Action Course by Chris Capre is a comprehensive well-designed course that has an A-to- Z step and can equip you both mentally and technically. The psychology part is the main distinction that separates it from its counterpart.

The extra material that comes with it has a good standard. Having reliable support when you want to learn a course can be the difference between success and failure in understanding and applying it correctly. Without it, you may get confused and step in the wrong path.

Who Is This Course Suitable for and Is It Worth Buying?

If you are a beginner and want to start from somewhere, it’s one of the best roads you can choose to break into this trading world.

If you’re not a beginner but you haven’t found a strategy yet and are searching, it can guide you in a good direction.

You’ve been trading for quite some time but you’re not still profitable, it can put you on the right path to become profitable and is worth buying.

I would buy the Advanced Price Action course if I were in the above category.

But if you have a strategy that is somehow profitable, no matter how well, and your strategy is not related to this method or price action in general, you shouldn’t buy any courses. You’d better stick to what you’ve developed for years and try to make it better.

If you are a complete beginner and you don’t know where to start or why you’d better start with buying courses, take a look at my post, how to start learning forex faster.

I tried to give you an unbiased review of the advanced price action course using my experience in this business. I hope it’ll serve you well.

By the way, after writing this review, I asked them to give me a discount code to make this review more useful for the people who decide to buy it and they accepted.


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Advanced Price Action Course


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  • Solid Strategy
  • Support is above par


  • Lack of recent performance result


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