AMEGA No Deposit Bonus Review

AMEGA No Deposit Bonus Review

According to my real experience, AMEGA FX no deposit bonus, which is $133 now, is just a scam and is not real. I went to the registration process and after doing lots of crazy stuff, I finally gave up after exchanging 21 emails. Read this review of AMEGA no deposit bonus if you want to know the truth about this bonus.

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How to Apply for AMEGA FX No Deposit Bonus?

Just like most of the forex brokers offering no deposit bonus, you need to sign up an account first and then submit your documents.

Ok, so far so good.

It’s what all the brokers ask you, sooner or later.

To receive AMEGA no deposit bonus:

You are supposed to sign up first and then send your documents to be verified. Then open an MT5 account and get a promo code.

Easy peasy, right?

Actually it’s not like that; I mean the easy peasy part.

I signed up an account and submitted my documents — let me check my emails to see if I’m right!

Ok, I signed up and asked them how I can receive the bonus and they start sending me a bunch of emails asking crazy stuff.

What Documents Are Asked for?

I tried on two separate occasions to get the AMEGA no deposit bonus.

They’ve named the bonus mania and it’s a suitable name for that because it turns you into a maniac in the process of document verification.

Let’s see what happened…

First Attempt to Get the Bonus

Well, this is the first email I received:


You need to send a colored photo of the first page of your passport next to the sheet of paper with the current date that should be clearly visible on this photo. Unfortunately, scanned copies are not accepted for verification. Photographs should not be cut. The photo of the main page of the passport should be fully seen and the information should be clearly readable.

Ok, a little weird but I had seen that once before so it doesn’t seem scam yet. Actually it can be a sign of strictness of their rules which is not bad at all.

AMEGA FX is not a regulated broker so when they have such strict protocols, it’s considered a good sign, I assumed.

Anyway, I sent them what they’d asked for but received this:

Dear client please read the requirements and provide us with the needed photo.

I was pretty sure that I sent them correctly but I checked them again. Everything seemed correct to me but no problem I’ll send them again, I told myself.

I sent them again and I think we went through that conversation a few times — I’m not gonna give in.

Finally, they accepted that.

I think they came to the conclusion that this dude is not gonna give up soon, we’ll knock him down in the next rounds.

They didn’t ask for anything until the next day when I received a new email:

You should send us photos of utility bills for the last 3 months (e.g. payments for gas, water, electricity). Your name should be seen on it. You may also provide us with the photo of the bank statement where your name and your address are seen.

Unfortunately scanned copies and photo copies are not accepted for verification.

Again, I haven’t seen a broker ask for both a utility bill and bank statement. One of them has always been enough while trying to have your documents confirmed.

I also didn’t know why AMEGA support hadn’t asked for this one in the first place when they’d asked for my passport.

As I’m looking at my emails, as if I hadn’t seen the bank statement part so I sent them my utility bill.

Surprisingly they accept that and didn’t even ask for the bank statement!


Again, one day lasts before they send me the next email.

I’m pretty sure now that they do that intentionally.


I’ll give my thoughts at the end of this post.

The next day I received another email related to the process of getting AMEGA no deposit bonus.

Your face fully, your ID card in a hand and the dialogue with the Security department opened on any device should be clearly seen on one photo.

I was already fed up with the process of exchanging emails that first was time-consuming, because I had to do every part several times, and second it had taken too long — 5 days by the time.

Now I was asked to do an acrobatic photo shoot.

What’s wrong with you guys!

This was the first time that I gave up because I thought AMEGA FX no deposit bonus is a scam so it wasn’t worth spending more time for that.

Second Attempt

Two months passed and I was too busy to either write a review of AMGA no deposit bonus or try again to receive that.

After two months, I decided to give it a shot and go through the registration process so I sent this email:

I sent you some of my documents for verification of my account about 2 months ago but you asked me for some other documents. I got busy with other stuff and couldn’t complete the verification. Can I continue the verification process or I have to start over?

No wonder I received this email:

You need to send us a color photo of your passport information page(s) with a sheet of paper showing today’s date in the background. Unfortunately, we cannot accept scanned copies or photocopies for verification. Photographs must not be cropped. The pages must be visible in full. All letters and numbers must be easily readable. An entire two-page spread must be visible in each photo.

Ok, at least they paraphrase the first one, not copy-paste.

**I was trying to convince myself to keep doing the stupid process again.**

I sent them the documents and surprisingly there were no extra demands for that, however, the next request was on the way.

The next document was the one that I hadn’t sent yet:

You should send us photos of the bank statement where your name and your address are seen.

I sent that but…

…again they start nagging and not accepting that because they found that not clear enough.

I tried to recheck it by zooming in, everything was clear crystal.

I don’t know how many times they played this game and I naively fell into that trap.

You’re overreacting, I told myself.

I tried to take a better photo and convinced them that the bank statement is a printed version and that’s the highest quality I can provide.

Finally, they accepted or at least didn’t say anything.

But asked for the crazy acrobatic photo again

I was asked to take a selfie while holding my passport next to my head and my computer screen shows the dialogue I had with them.

I can’t help but laugh every time I think of that moment when I was trying to pull off the selfie of myself while holding my passport with one hand close to my face and setting my head on the laptop screen so the stupid email was visible and taking a photo of this mess with another hand. 😀 😀 😂

That was crazy!

Anyway, after doing gymnastics for 15 minutes I finally got to take that damn photo…

…and I did that

It wasn’t too clear but you can read everything, moreover, they already have a photo of my passport but I knew they asked it again so I sent the photo with this:

This was the hardest task you’ve given me so far. I don’t know how I could take that photo. Just don’t ask me to do this one again. What’s the next one?

I burst out laughing when I just saw this email again. Look how desperate I am 😬 😝

As expected, AMEGA security department didn’t cave in and sent another email.

**really you thought they were going to surrender easily just because you asked them? **

It was a shot in the dark, but didn’t work out.

Anyway, the email was:

You should send the photo of your document near your face on the background of the mailing with security department of the better quality. All the data should be visible and readable.

At this point, I decided to make a wise decision and give up otherwise I probably had to send them a photo of me wearing a bikini making out with the name of the security department on my screen…

…so I gave up

This was just the beginning of this bonus, who knows what happens if you can miraculously get it and trade with it. If you can make a profit out of it, how on earth they let you withdraw your profits?

That’s why I think you should avoid AMEGA FX no deposit bonus if you don’t want to waste your time and energy going through all that craziness.

If you have the same or different experience with AMEGA no deposit bonus, you are welcome to write it in the comment section at the bottom of this review.

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Ok now, let’s take a look at the terms and condition s of AMEGA no deposit bonus just for the sake of this review.

AMEGA FX No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

Every no deposit bonus comes with some terms and conditions and AMEGA no deposit bonus is not an exception, however, some of its conditions are too good to be true.

AMEGA FX no deposit bonus is not available for these countries: Republic of Seychelles, the EU (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, UK, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, and Estonia), Australia, Canada, Japan, the USA and several other countries.

General Terms and Conditions

The AMEGA no deposit bonus is a welcome bonus so it’s supposed to be given to the new clients of this broker. You can’t ask for it more than once.

You are not allowed to use more than one IP address when registering, otherwise, you are not entitled to the bonus. It means you also can’t use VPN, VPS, or any other proxies for registration.

Your relatives can’t register if you’ve registered before.

It means for them that you are using your relatives’ information in order to register for the bonus again.

You have to be over 18 years old

They have the complete right to cancel your bonus if they detect you’ve violated the current terms and conditions of the bonus or even the conditions that they establish after you get the bonus and remove it as well as the profits you’ve made.

Basically it means they have the right not to allow you to withdraw the bonus and your profit if they don’t want to.

Scalping and using EAs are allowed

AMEGA No Deposit Bonus withdrawal Conditions

Both the AMEGA no deposit bonus and the profits made by it are mentioned to be withdrawable.

You can withdraw the profit without restriction but for withdrawing the profits, you need to trade 1 lot for every dollar of your profit.

The time period for trading with the bonus is unlimited; however, they add a clause noting that it’s unlimited otherwise they decide to change it.

So you can use scalping methods and automated trading, trade for an unlimited period of time, take out your profits without any restrictions, and you don’t need to deposit any money, however, they can cancel your bonus account if they want — pure no deposit bonus.

Well, good luck with it.

The Bottom Line

I’ve registered with many brokers including the forex brokers that offer no deposit bonus during all these years that I’ve been a trader but I haven’t seen a broker like AMEGA FX so reluctant to give its no deposit bonus to traders.

So the question here is why they offer such a bonus then?

Well, there is a saying goes, a bad reputation is better than none. AMEGA might give its no deposit bonus to a very few people, which I highly doubt that, but the majority of applicants can’t even pass their stupidly strict so-called verification process.

They are an unregulated forex broker but they can be seen on many no deposit lists throughout the net for free and be recognized in the industry more than many other good regulated brokers.

This was just looking on the bright side. If we want to see it from a dark angle, we get to this idea that they want to gather info — that’s a different subject and I don’t want to go there in this review.

To wind this review up, I think AMEGA no deposit bonus is a scam or at least not worth your time and energy.

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