Best Forex VPS

I spent hours of study digging into the websites of tens of VPS providers and talking to their online supports as well as sending tickets and emails in order to find the best Forex VPS. Here’s a list of the best Forex VPS hosting companies: AccuWebHostingReliableVPSInterServerMyForexVPSTradingFXVPSBestFXVPSFXVMHostwindsForexVPS You can find information about these forex VPS hosting companies as well as their plans' slices in the table at the bottom of this article. There are some pieces of information in the table…


How to Find Best Brokers for Scalping

Finding brokers in general and for scalping, in particular, can be as easy as just googling the best brokers for scalping and you can find long lists of brokers, and sometimes a shortlist though, suggested by a variety of websites that most of them don’t give a damn about the quality of the brokers. They haven’t even tried the brokers, however, some of them give you informative information about the brokers and some take the more honest approach and truly…


Best Currency Pairs to Trade Today – Cool Forex Scanner

What are the best forex pairs to trade today? What are the best currency pairs for me as a beginner? Which currency pair has the potential to trade regarding my strategy? I wish I had a forex scanner to do the trick for me. These are some of questions and thoughts that various traders ask themselves every day and because thinking is not gonna find the pairs, you blow your bubble and grab your laptop or PC or whatever you…


How to manually backtest forex trading strategies – simulator and software

In this article, we are going to see how to backtest forex trading strategies using 5 methods. 1- F 12MT4 strategy testerTradingViewSoft4fx Forex SimulatorForex Tester We are also going to see which one of those methods is the best way to manually backtest a forex trading strategy. Spoiler: The best way to backtest a forex trading strategy is Forex tester, however, you can use Soft4fx forex simulator if you want to pay less. Why are they the best ways? to…


Forex Manual Backtest – Backtesting Report and Using Excel

In this article, we are going to see what information we need to collect for a manual backtest, particularly in forex; how to gather them, what can be found in a backtesting report and what do they tell us and how we can calculate the information we’ve gathered using Excel. If you are new to backtesting and you want to know what the backtesting is or how we can backtest automatically and manually using multiple ways, you can check this…


11 Tips and Tricks for MetaTrader 4 Tools

There is no doubt that MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most useful and practical platform of trading. The speed and compatibility of Metatrader are unparalleled. The only problem that MT4 has is its appearance which is as if we were living in 1990. They try to make a few tweaks to it by releasing MT5, but nothing exceptional happened in terms of the whole skin and it’s still somehow ugly but of course loveable. Here we are going to take…

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