Forex Brokers with Nano Lots

There aren’t a lot of forex brokers with Nano lots or cent accounts nowadays. There used to be more of them but it turned out that forex brokers don’t seem to like that form of lot size. There might be several reasons for that but there are a few that I can think of. One reason, which of course is looking on the dark side, could be losing money faster when you have a small size account and use larger…


Best Offshore Forex Brokers for US Clients 2020

If you are searching for the best offshore forex brokers for US clients or the top ones accepting US residents, you are definitely fed up with the restrictions, set out by NFA and CFTC, such as low leverage or the FIFO rule that basically prevents you from hedging, and you want to be free from all those shackles. If you are a newbie, those conditions may save you from yourself and salvage your account from being razed to the ground,…


Forex No Deposit Bonus List

Here's a list of the forex brokers offering no deposit bonus or free bonus in 2020. you can also see if they really give you the bonus by checking out the review section on the table which is based on my experience. There's a concise version of the terms and conditions of the forex brokers' no deposit bonuses in the table as well. Forex Brokers with No Deposit Bonus * ID is your identification documents such as passport, ID card,…


Best Islamic Forex Accounts

There are some brokers offering Islamic forex accounts. It means the accounts must not be charged with an interest rate or swap but do all of them have real Islamic accounts, are all the accounts really swap-free, and what brokers offer the best Islamic forex accounts? Some forex brokers claim that they have Islamic accounts but they charge a fixed commission or fee instead of swap, which is variable. Other brokers don’t charge an overnight fee in the first place,…


Best Swap Rates Forex Brokers

When you are looking for the best forex brokers for long term trading, best swap rates are more important than low spreads. Well, spreads are always important and you can take them into account while choosing a broker suitable for long term trading but you should consider swap rates first. You want a broker with high positive swaps and low negative ones or a forex broker that the sum of its positive and negative swap rates is to the benefit…


Best Forex Brokers for Trading Gold

In this post, you’ll find the best forex brokers for trading gold or XAU/USD. You can also see how I chose these top 10 forex brokers from more than 100 brokers and what metrics I considered to do so. Before all that let's get straight to the point and introduce our broker. These are the top 10 forex brokers for gold trading Multibank GroupFP MarketsTickmillPFDRakuten SecuritiesJust2tradeIC MarketsAxitraderPepperstoneGo Markets See Information Table Methodology: How I Found Best Forex Brokers for Gold…

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