FBS Bonuses and Review

FBS Bonuses and Review

Can You Withdraw FBS 100 No Deposit Bonus

If you want to know whether FBS really gives you $100, the answer is yes and no. this broker gives you a 100 no-deposit bonus to trade with and if you make profits, you can withdraw the profits.

It’s actually a $100 credit not withdrawable money.

 You can’t withdraw the $100 right away if this is your question. I don’t think anyone thinks that way, or do they!

I registered with FBS and received the 100 bonus, so I decided to write a review of the bonus, and its rules and conditions as well as a complete review of FBS broker.

if you are from the US, don’t bother yourself reading this for getting the bonus because they can’t accept clients from the United States, however, you can read this to find about these types of bounces in general.

They accept clients from European countries but according to Eu regulation, they can’t provide any bonuses for EU clients.

See Other No Deposit Bonuses

For general information about FBS broker, you can see the overview section at the bottom of this post.

First off, have you ever registered for a no-deposit bonus with a broker?

You might have or have not but if you ever decide to do so, you’ll probably do a quick search to see if it’s real because you don’t want to waste your day going through all the registration process and then figure out that the broker or at least its bonus is scam.

I’m doing this nowadays to find no-deposit bonuses as a case study for this blog, and guess what? There’s really BS out there that just waste your time.

I came across one of them the other day. Their website seemed organized and well-designed so I decided to give it a shot.

Their customer service seemed nice and supportive and answered my questions quickly at first but after a few questions, everything changed….

….When I asked some semi-technical questions she didn’t even know what I was talking about and just answered with yeas, yup, no — actually she never said no and confirmed everything.

Anyway, I asked if they have no-deposit bonus and she answered, yes but guess who doesn’t know this one either?

Actually she knew but she wanted me to register.

We don’t have the bonus but maybe he‘ll deposit some money as soon as he figures that out.

she probably wondered.

I’m here for the no-deposit bonus, idiot. I either want that to trade and make a profit or test your broker and you’re pushing me to deposit right away? Is this gimmick really working for you?

Anyway, I registered, then I contacted her again because I couldn’t find the place where I could register for the bonus and the crazy customer service told me the bonus is just available for Chinese people.

I bet if I were Chinese, they’d tell me, of course, not every Chinese, your ancestor must be Bruce Lee!


I told this story to point out the fact that not every broker that claims to have a bonus fulfills its promise and there are lots of scams out there.

On the other hand, there are some brokers that do give you the bonus they claim but some people think they are scam. Do you know why?

You see that when you read some reviews. Some say this broker doesn’t give me the profit I made from the bonus.

When you read their reasons for calling the broker scam, you instantly figure out they didn’t know the bonus rules. I always say to myself, dude just read the damn conditions; it takes you 5 minutes at the most.

I’m not saying that the rules are fair or not, but by reading that you at least know what you get and if you like to be involved or not.

What Are the FBS 100 No Deposit Rules

I’ll outline the important rules of bonus 100 or as they call it trade 100 bonus and you can see the complete version when you register for that. You can find the 100 bonus page here.

The trading platform for the 100 bonus account is only Meta trader 5 so you can’t place orders via MT4 or any other platforms. Of course, you can analyze via any platforms you want but for opening positions, you need to use MT5.

The only lot size you can set your positions based on is 0.01 and you can’t increase that. To be honest, it’s a good rule from a money management perspective. It’s a practical practice especially if you are new to trading.

The maximum profit that you can make by this 100 bonus is $100. If you get to $100 you are done and your bonus account will be canceled.

If you withdraw any profit before getting to that $100, the profit is yours but you can’t trade with that account anymore and the bonus account will be canceled — you can withdraw only once.

You have 50 days to trade and make the most of the 100 bonus and you have to trade at least in 30 days of those 50 days.

Your positions must be at least 10 pips (or100 in 5 digits) so it seems that scalpers are not welcome to this bonus. This gets even harder when you read the next rule.

You must trade at least 5 lots. Considering that you only have to trade with 0.01, you need to have 500 trades in 50 days! And each of them must be at least 10 pips. In other words, 10 trades each day on average.

Your strategy should show you many setups every day otherwise you make mistakes by overtrading.

I think this is the downside of this bonus in particular and many bounces like this in general. In many cases, they are only useful for testing the broker in a live account or evaluating yourself when you want to come out of demo accounts.

Anyway, the next rule is

You can trade all forex pairs except exotic pairs which you probably won’t anyway. After years, I barely trade exotic currency pairs.

And the last one, you can’t use any EAs (robots) or automated trading.

By the way, you are only eligible for this bonus once and can’t register for that several times. They don’t ask you to submit your document first, but they will defiantly do that later.

One more thing:

They check your IP address as well, so make sure not to use VPNs or any other types of proxies.

If you’ve decided to register for the 100 bonus, you may want to know more about this broker because you’re going to trade with them after the bonus as well, if so, you can continue reading to know about this broker more.

First off they have other bounces but you have to deposit money first to use them

. Since they are not so-called free money and you need to trade with your own money as well, they have better conditions and are more useful.

100% Deposit Bonus

When you apply for this bonus, you’ll receive 100% of your deposit but you have to trade and release that.

For releasing the bonus you have to trade a specific amount of lots. The formula is:

Bonus amount/3

If you deposit $600, you get $600 credit as a bonus and for withdrawing the $600 bonus you have to trade 200 lots.

200 lots might be too many but there is no limitation for the period of days or lot size,

therefore, it may seem hard to achieve but it’s viable, plus, you don’t lose anything and if you are a profitable trader, you receive the bonus at some point.

Applying for this kind of bonus is a reasonable decision when you want to deposit money into your account because you trade as you do normally with all your rules and sooner or later you’ll get free money.

You can request the deposit bonus every time you deposit money to your account and the number of applying is unlimited.

There are a few other rules about margin and stop loss level that you can read in your client cabin after registering with FBS.

For more information about this type of bonus and registration, you can check this page.


We used to call it rebate. When you activate this feature for your account, a small amount of the money you trade is given back to you, no matter you win that trade or lose.

For example, you open a trade with 1 lot on EUR/USD. Each lot is worth $10 in this currency pair — or any other major currency pairs.

You set 20 pips as TP and SL, so if you win or lose, it’s worth $200. Either way, you get something like $6 as rebate or Cashback.

You can see the calculation table for the rebate here.


FBS has several promotions where you can participate in and win something valuable.

FBS Traders Parties is a promotion where you can go to a luxury party and enjoy.

FBS makes your dream come true is a promotion that every month is held and the winner can live his/her dream.

For participating, you have to share a post about the promotion on your Facebook and tag 2 friends and elaborate your dream in the comment of the post.

Get car from FBS is a promotion that FBS awards generously its clients a brand-new car every now and then.

Types of Accounts

FBS has 6 types of accounts: Cent, Micro, Standard, Zero Spread, and ECN.

fbs types of accounts
5 different FBS accounts

Micro account is suitable for beginners who want to become familiar with live accounts conditions. You can open this type of account with just $1. Spread starts from 1 pip and MAX leverage is 1:1000

Micro account is for those who don’t like to be surprised by spread and want to know everything in the first place. Spread starts from 3 pips and you can open an account with as low as $5 and MAX leverage is 1:3000.It’s like the old days when almost all the brokers were market makers and spread always were fixed. I personally prefer floating spreads.

Standard account is for taking live trading more seriously. It starts from $100 and MAX leverage is 1:3000. Spreads are better here and start from 0.5.

Zero spread is tailored for the traders who want fixed spreads better than micro account. The spread is 0 but you pay commission instead. The commission starts from $20 (for EUR/USD) per lot which is equal to 2 pips.The minimum deposit for zero spread is $500. The max leverage is 1:3000.

ECN account is for professional traders and of course scalpers who need low spreads and minimum commission. MAX leverage is 1:500 and minimum deposit is $1000. Spread starts from -1, however, I don’t think you see spread in your favor and it’s once in a blue moon. Zero is the best you get and commission is $6 round turn.

If you want to choose one of the mentioned accounts or see more information about them, you can find them here.

Educational Material

One of the positive sides of FBS broker is that they have a very good section for education which means they care about beginners and they want profitable traders.

In guidebook section, you can find a variety of material designed for all levels of traders, from beginners to experienced traders.

It’s like a forex cyclopedia that can teach you everything you need to learn for trading. I took a look at the headlines and read some of the articles and I think it’s more than enough to prepare you for trading.

They also have a useful collection of video lessons that you can take advantage from, especially if you don’t like reading which I highly doubt that because you are still reading this post 🙂

Unless you’ve jumped straight to this part! Ok, now I’m making up stories!!!

Anyway, they also have an organized webinar routine and hold regular webinars about various subjects. You can find upcoming events here.

Tips for traders is another prolific section where you can find lots of articles about different subjects, mostly short articles trying to show you some angles of the market you may not notice.

FBS Overview

FBS was established in 2009 and registered in Belize with reg. no74825. For its international clients, it’s regulated by International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) with the reg. no. 119771.

It’s also regulated by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with the reg. no. 331/17 for its European clients.

Location: Belize and Cyprus

Foundation Year: 2009

Regulation: IFSC and SyCEC

Types of Accounts: STP and ECN

Spread: Fixed and Floating (starting from -1)

Minimum Account Size: $1

Payment Methods: Credit Card, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Wire Transfer — they also have local exchangers for some countries that you can find it after registration.

Available Countries: More than 190 excluding USA, Belize, Russia and Cyprus

MAX Leverage: 1:3000

Trading Instruments: Forex, Metals, CFD, Stocks

Trading Platform: MT5 and MT4 (Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Web, Multiterminal) / FBS trader (Android and iOS)

The Bottom Line

FBS 100 No-deposit bonus like all other such bonuses come with limitations, however, you can use it to test the performance of the broker as well as making some profits if possible.

If you decide to deposit money, make sure to apply for FBS deposit or Cashback to increase your initial deposit and of course, earn more money.

I tested the broker for a few days using 100 bonus and they are what they claim to a great extent. The spreads are reasonable and very close to what they’ve mentioned on FBS website.

The overall condition of the broker is standard; however, the regulation is not above the par and is average in the industry.

If you’ve had any experience with this broker feel free to comment that below.


I hope you enjoyed this post. My name is David and I've been in Forex Market since 2006. I created this site to convey my experience and try to help forex traders to make better decisions. Share this post if you liked it and let me know what you think about it in the comment section.

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