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As the name suggests, is a VPS hosting company dedicated its services to the Forex industry. Everything from their plans to different datacenter locations show that they’ve designed their service to serve forex traders in the best fashion possible. In this review, we’re going to look into and see the pros and cons of this VPS service specifically for trading. Overview

Basic Plan$30
Datacenter Locations
DDoS ProtectionN/A
Customer ServiceLive chat, ticket
RefundUp to 14 days
WebsiteVisit ForexVPS Features

Well, as I said, since provides services specifically to forex traders and brokers, they’ve paid close attention to the needs of the trading community and industry.

For instance, they know latency is a key factor when it comes to time-sensitive trading strategies or EAs such as high frequency ones. Therefore, they’ve put emphasis on this metric by locating their datacenters in different parts of the world in order to decrease latency to as many forex brokers as possible — we’ll talk about this in the “locations” section of this review.

Besides the technical features, their collaboration with some forex brokers to give free VPS to the clients of those brokers is another sign showing that this company cares about its clients and tries its best to cover all types of traders.

Ok, without further ado, let’s see how well is at the features and factors that are important for trading.

Location and Latency

Several locations for datacenter is the strong suite of ForexVPS. As I said earlier, nominal latency is vital for some forex strategies and/or EAs and ForexVPS knows that very well. That’s why their datacenters are located in various countries.

The datacenters of most Forex Brokers are located either in the US or the UK so having a datacenters in these two countries suffice in most cases. However, ForexVPS has gone one step further and provided datacenters in some other locations to cover as many forex brokers as possible.

Besides the US and the UK, ForexVPS’s datacenters are located in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore.

There is also a “Broker Latency List” page on the website of where you can find the latency of your broker to the datacenters of ForexVPS and see if this VPS provider is suitable for your trading needs.

You can find more information about “Latency” on the best Forex VPS article where I explain this subject to a great extent.


Since downtime can affect forex robots or EAs, especially the ones with a sensitive strategy, we consider this factor as a crucial metric.

Most VPS providers claim that they keep your VPS service connection up 99.9% of the time however, just a handful of them mention this in their terms of services. Of course, it doesn’t mean they don’t hold on to their promise but since unforeseen incidents can always happen, they prefer not to enter this liability inside their TOS.

That said, is not among those providers. They actually guarantee the uptime of their VPS services and have stated that in their TOS.

They also have a structure for giving you a credit as compensation if their VPS service goes down for any reason.

DDoS Protection

I wrote about DDoS attacks and protection and why they’re important for Forex VPS to some degree on the best forex VPS article but in a nutshell, DDoS protection prevents DDos attacks which can lead to disconnection. Since disconnection can cause trouble for EAs, we look at this metric when reviewing forex VPS. hasn’t stated the DDos protection for its VPS services anywhere on their website; however, regarding the conversation I had with them via email, they mention they provide such protection for their VPS services.

Of course, they didn’t say how many Mbps is this protection due to security purposes.

Customer Service

ForexVPS has several means to assist clients and guide prospects to choose the VPS that suits them most.

You can contact them 24/7 through live chat, ticket, and email. I personally contacted them via all those methods to see how well the customer service is. Well, the live chat was fast enough and they answered all my questions. Of course, for more technical details they asked me to contact them through email, and I did. They replied after half an hour with the answers to my questions including the DDos protection one I mentioned earlier.

All in all, the experience was satisfying and I got all my answers. If I want to be a little bit picky, I would say that the reply to my email took a little long — half an hour. However, since they have a 24/7 online chat, you probably won’t have any problems In case something emergency comes up. Purchase Plans

ForexVPS has some curated plans for forex VPS. Although it’s limited to a few designed plans with static resources, I mean you can’t add extra slices such as RAM to a plan; they’ve tried to cover all types of traders and shaped the plans fit for trading purposes.

ForexVPS has 4 types of plans and also a dedicated server service, in case you need more resources. The plans start from $30 and increase both in value and the amount of resources dedicated to them.

Let’s take a close look at them and see how many resources you receive for each plan.

  1. Basic

If you intend to run one or two Metatraders/EAs, this plan would probably be your best option here. With spending $30 you get a 1 core CPU and 2 GB RAM.

I think this plan is a bit overpriced and you receive better conditions by spending an extra $4 and picking the next plan.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
1 Core2 GB60 GB SSD10 TB2012, 2022$30

2. Basic +

As I said, if you spend $5 more, you can have a VPS with far better resources including a 2-core CPU, 2.5 GB RAM, and a 20 GB extra storage space, 80 GB in total.

These amounts of resources would be enough for 3 to 4 trading terminals and you probably won’t see any problems such as lagging or crash.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
2 Core2.5 GB80 GB SSD10 TB2012, 2016, 2019, 2022$34

3. Standard

This plan is designed for more professional users who want to run multiple trading platforms and/or expert advisors and need a stronger VPS.

Spending $51, your VPS contains a 4 GB RAM with a 2-core CPU which would be sufficient to run up to 6 or 7 MT4s without any troubles.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
2 Core4 GB90 GB SSD10 TB2012, 2016, 2019, 2022$51

4. High Freq

if you have a sensitive strategy such as high-frequency trading (HFT) where data need to be processed as fast as possible, you might want to choose this plan.

In order to process data quicker, you need a CPU with higher GHz ratings. Although the High Freq plan has a one-core CPU, it’s a 3.4 GHz processor so it’s much faster compared to the CPUs in other plans.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
1 Core3 GB70 GB SSD10 TB2012, 2016, 2019$59

5. Dedicated

if the previous VPS plans still don’t fit your trading strategy or EA and you need way more resources, you may want to try the dedicated service of

This service has been tailored for professional strategies that take massive computation and as a result immense resources.

The dedicated server of ForexVPS costs you $170. Spending that much money, you receive a VPS with 16 GB RAM and a 4-core Inter Xeon E-2234 CPU.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
4 Core16 GB120 GB SSD10 TB2012, 2016, 2019, 2022$170 VPS services, excluding the dedicated service, have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing and looking into every important aspect of this VPS provider, I can say that the VPS services they offer are suitable for trading to a great extent and cover many traders’ strategies and/or EAs.

The most noticeable feature and strong suit of ForexVPS is the number of locations for their datacenters. It helps them reduce latency to many brokers around the world. As a result, they can provide a fast VPS service to the clients with various brokers.

Although ForexVPS offers a decent VPS service to traders there are some downsides. The main disadvantages of their VPS services are the price of the basic plan, which I think is high, and the lack of slice customization.

 It would be more useful if you could change resources and add to those you need more and decrease the slices that you think it’s not necessary. It’s an effective way both in terms of resources and price.

All in all, is better for professional strategies or for running several EAs where you need higher resources so spending more money is justifiable.

If you don’t need that amount of resources and want cheaper VPS, you can check out The Best Forex VPS article. VPS






DDoS Protection


Customer Service


Plans Variety





  • Several Datacenters
  • Uptime Guarantee


  • Inexpensive Basic Plan


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