FortFS No Deposit Bonus Review

FortFS No Deposit Bonus Review

My Experience of Getting FortFS No Deposit Bonus

Fortfs is another broker that offers no deposit bonus so I decided to go to the registration process to see first if they give you the bonus and second what conditions you need to meet before withdrawing the bonus so that I can write a review according to a real experience.

At the moment of writing this post, they offer a $35 no deposit bonus, however, they have other no deposit bonuses every now and then such as the last one, a $75 welcome bonus which is expired now.

They’ve been offering no deposit bonuses for years and I know that because something happened to me in the process of receiving the bonus that leads to the rejection of getting the bonus for me.

They can’t accept clients from the US

For receiving the bonus first you need to register with Fortfs obviously, which I did.

Then you need to submit your documents to be verified. The documents are the usual ones that you normally must give a broker to receive such a bonus:

A photo of your ID card or passport or driver license

A document that shows your address or proof of address such as utility bills

I submitted them and it normally takes 48 hours that they verify the documents.

2 days passed but I didn’t receive any emails so I went to my client dashboard where I had submitted the documents.

The documents were still in the pending mode so I contacted them via online chat to see why?

They were very fast at answering my questions and fixing problems on the chat. I knew that because I’d had a problem with the utility bill and when I’d contacted them, they had solved that less than 1 minute.

However, they are terrible at answering emails. So if you decide to contact them. Don’t wait to get an answer through email, just use online chat.

Anyway, I told their support that my documents were still pending. After a few minutes, the status of my documents turned into rejected.

I asked for the reason but I didn’t get any answers and when I insisted, the supporter told me that the documents had been rejected regarding their rules. No more explanation.

I went around my client dashboard and I find my profile where there was another address that was also verified.

Guess what:

It was my previous address related to 2011 I think.

Apparently I registered with them years ago and received a welcome bonus by the time.

As long as it’s a welcome bonus, you can’t get that more than once.

That’s why I said early on that their no deposit bonus has a long history and they’ve provided that for years.

Another thing that causes rejection, and I figured that out after reading terms and conditions, is using VPNs or any other proxies and also registering using the same device that you registered by before — for example, you can’t register for the no deposit bonus using a computer that you used to register the bonus before.

Whatever the reason was, my request for the bonus was rejected, however, I had received the bonus before so you can get the bonus but there are conditions that you have to meet before taking it out of your account.

So let’s see what the terms and conditions of Fortfs no deposit bonus are.

FortFS No Deposit Bonus – Terms and Conditions

You should know that the no deposit bonus of every broker comes with some conditions that you have to meet before you can withdraw that.

Brokers see this bonus as an investment and they do it for an advertisement to draw attention and get more clients who bring them profit later, so they have strict rules for no deposit bonuses.

If they suspect that you are not going to continue with them or your only goal is to get to the bonus by any means, they cancel it at their discretion and without any further explanation.

All the brokers offering no deposit bonus keep an absolute right for themselves to cancel the bonus or reject you in the first place if they suspect, as they call it, fraudulent.

With that being said let’s see some important terms of FortFs no deposit bonus.

First, as I said before, it’s a welcome bonus so you can’t register for that more than 1 time.

Before receiving the bonus, you should have these three documents verified: your phone number, your Identification, and your address. It takes up to 48 hours.

You can ask them for faster confirmation and they probably do it in a few minutes. Just do it via online chat.

Unlike some no deposit bonus, FortFs bonus is withdrawable. For withdrawing the bonus you must trade 20 lots.

Some brokers don’t allow you to withdraw the bonus itself but you can withdraw the profit you make out of that.

20 lots is not a small amount at all. It’s better than some brokers I’ve seen so far and worse than others but the fact that you can withdraw the bonus itself makes it somehow even.

The maximum withdrawal that you can make using the $35 no deposit bonus is $85 — $35 bonus and $50 profit.

It means if you want to continue trading you have to withdraw some money either before completing the required lots within 3 months or after that.

If you deposit before completing the requirements of the bonus, you can withdraw your own money (the money you’ve deposited) and the profit earned by that.

Let’s say you have $35 and you decide to deposit another $35. Then you make a $35 profit. You’ve gained 50% of your account as a profit.

In this case, you can withdraw your own money ($35) and 50% of profit ($17.5) or 52.5 in total without any restriction such as completing lots or time limitation.

Be careful not to use any VPNs, VPS, or any other types of proxies because they can cancel your bonus and the profit you earned from it even if you use them once.

I talked about the most important terms and conditions of this bonus but if you want more information, you can check the no deposit page here.

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Type of Account for FortFS No Deposit Bonus

FortFs provides 4 different types of accounts: Newbie, Fort, Flex, and Pro.

But the one that you can use for no deposit bonus is Fort.

So let’s take a look at Fort trading conditions:

Spread: Fixed from 2 pips

Execution: From 0.3 second

Maximum leverage: 1:1000

Commission: Forex – No; CFDs from $10

Minimum deposit: $5

Margin Call/Stop Out: USD/ EUR: 50%/25% | USD/EUR Cents: 30%/10%

Available Order size:  0.01 – 100 Lots

You can’t use other accounts for no deposit bonus but if you want some information about them you can find them on this page

Other FortFS Bonus Programs

Besides no deposit bonus, FortFs has other types of bonuses:

  • Deposit bonus
  • Support Margin Bonus
  • Megaprotect Bonus

They all have something in common:

You have to deposit first, and regarding your deposit, you’ll receive the bonus.

In deposit bonus, you can get up to 50% of your deposit as a bonus.

First you have to choose from one of these percentages:

10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and 50%

You might say, it’s a no brainer; I’ll go for 50%.

That could be an option but there is a condition that might make you stand corrected.


First off you must trade an amount of lot according to this formula:

Your bonus/ 4

For example if you deposit $2000 and pick the 50% bonus, you receive $1000 as a bonus and you have to trade 250 lots (1000/4) with a $3000 account.

Now, if you choose 10% bonus, you’ll receive $200 but you have to trade 50 lots with a $2200 account.

You might say, the first one is still better; it just takes more time.

Nope, it’s where the next condition pops up:

You only have 3 months to complete required lots. After that your bonus will be canceled.

Now you might want to reconsider your initial decision and see if you can meet necessary lots within 3 months?

If so, that’s fine and. Go for the bigger percentage, but if your strategy and money management don’t allow that amount of lots, you might pick smaller percentages.

For reading all the other conditions you can see here.

The next bonus is called Support Margin Bonus.

In this type of bonus, you’ll receive the bonus according to the amount of deposit you make.

It’s between 5% of your deposit to 15% depending on your deposit size.

The minimum deposit for receiving this bonus is $25 where you receive 5% of your deposit which is $1.25.

If you deposit more than $400, you’ll receive 15%.

The number of lots that you have to trade before withdrawal of the bonus is:


It’s twice as deposit bonus but here, there is no limitation for time period. In other words, the number of days you can complete the required lots is unlimited.

You can find more information about the rest of support margin bonus here.

Megaprotect bonus is where you receive 100% of your deposit.

The minimum deposit for getting this bonus is $100. They call it a supporter to your margin.

You can’t withdraw the bonus but you can withdraw the profit gained from it after meeting this number of lots:


You also can’t withdraw your deposited money until either you fulfill the required lots or cancel the bonus. You can cancel the bonus at any time.

The time for meeting the required lots is unlimited.

You can withdraw the profit gained from your own money without any restrictions such as the lot condition — the required lot is for the profit made over the bonus and your own deposit not for the profit you earn through your deposit.


You deposit $1000. They credit a $1000 bonus and then you make a profit of $1000.

In this case, $500 is the profit of your own money and $500 belongs to the profit of the bonus.

You have to trade 500 lots to withdraw your own money ($1000) and the bonus profit ($500) but you can withdraw the profit of your own money ($500).

After trading the required lots, there is no limitation on any of the above conditions and the bonus remains in your account as well to support margin so you can trade with larger lot size.

There is more information about the condition of this bonus here.

FortFS Overview

Location: Belize with the License no – IFSC/60/256/TS/17

Foundation Year: 2010

Regulation: IFSC

Types of Accounts: STP and ECN

Spread: Fixed from 2 pips and Floating 0.1 pips

Minimum Account Size: $5

Payment Methods: VISA, MasterCard, FasaPay, Local Bank ( for Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam), Neteller, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, WebMoney

Available Countries: All excluding the USA

MAX Leverage: 1:1000

Trading Instruments: Forex, Indices, Commodities, Metals, CFDs, Binary options and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple)

Trading Platform: MT5 and MT4 (Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Web),  NinjaTrader, CQG

Automated trading (EAs): Allowed

Scalping: Allowed

The Bottom Line

I tried to give you a complete first-hand review of FortFS no deposit bonus, $35 at this moment, by taking you to my experience step by step that started from the registration process and continued to the terms and conditions of this bonus.

Fortfs gives you the no deposit bonus they claim but like every other broker, they’ve made some terms and conditions for the bonus.

You should know that the conditions for these kinds of bonuses are not easy to fulfill and you might see it as a task that can be difficult to pull off.

Just make sure not to compromise your strategy and try to overtrade just because to get such bonuses because it may affect your trading behavior and grow bad trading habits.

The good news about Fortfs no deposit bonus is that you can cancel that when you come to the conclusion that it’s not suitable for you. Even if you’ve deposited some money, you lose the profit gained from the bonus, not your own money.

Don’t try to meet the required lots by trading meaningless lots or opening and closing numerous trades just to get to the necessary lots because first, as I said, it grows bad trading habit, and second they’ll probably cancel the bonus as they’ve mentioned in the bonus agreement.

You can find more reviews and a list of brokers offering no deposit bonus in forex no deposit list.

If you’ve had any experience with FortFs no deposit bonus, feel free to comment that below.


I hope you enjoyed this post. My name is David and I've been in Forex Market since 2006. I created this site to convey my experience and try to help forex traders to make better decisions. Share this post if you liked it and let me know what you think about it in the comment section.

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