Happy Gold In-depth Review

In this article, I’m going to give you a thorough review of Happy Gold which is one of the 12 EAs developed by happyforex.de and is also a scalping/swing bot.

The developer seems to take care of their clients well because I can see that they’ve released 8 updates for the Happy Gold EA which is a positive sign in general.

In this review, we’re going to dig into the results of the real accounts that this developer has run the EA on to see first, how well they are, and second, how much we can rely on those results and consequently on the happy gold robot.

Happy Gold Overview

Timeframe30 min, 1h, 4h
Currency PairXAUUSD (gold)
Min Deposit$100
Live TestYes
MAX Drawdown15%-26%
Average Expected Return25%-40% annually
Price€299 & €499 (minus 30% off)

Happy Gold System

On the webpage of happy gold, it’s stated that the system of the EA is scalp/swing trading which I thought it might have different settings for scalp and swing trading but when I looked at the stats of the different accounts that the EA has run on, I notice that the EA is more like a scalping one.

Because first, the average duration of the trades is very short, as we see in scalping strategies. In one account it’s around 3 minutes and others are 11 min, 0.17h, 0.044 h, and 1h 16min.

It’s the same for the TPs (take profits) of happy gold and there are small targets. The average is something between 5 to 6 pips which makes this EA a scalping bot.

They’ve also mentioned that the EA uses a modified version of the zigzag indicator as its base method and you can run it on obviously XAUUSD and M30/H1/H4 timeframes.

Since the targets are small, the EA can’t afford large spreads so you need to pick a broker that has very low spread on gold. You can find the best brokers for trading gold on a different article that I wrote here.

Happy Gold Results Review

The vendor of happy gold has provided different results, from third-party services, related to 5 accounts that the EA either ran on or has been running so far.

Two of them are demo accounts that we’re not going to talk about but fortunately, there are 3 real accounts so that we have enough data to look into and analyze and review the different aspects of happy gold EA.

The stats of real accounts come from FXStat which is one of the well-known websites offering statistical service in the industry and another website called Tradesocio that I hadn’t heard of so I did a quick search and it seems a legit investment service that is also a brokerage.

Since there have been several updates, no surprise that all the accounts have recent results for 2023 and it makes us confident of the results.

So without further ado let’s dive into the analysis of the results…

Age and Number of Trades

Age and number of trades are always important because it tells us whether an EA has a long term reliable data or it’s just a few months old and it may or may not last for a long time so we can’t trust its results.

Normally one year old and above 300 trades is something that can be acceptable to some extent.

Two of the happy EA’s accounts have around one and a half years old and around 300 trades, and the other one is much older, has been around since 2013, and has 1511 trades until now so basically the results are reliable to a great extent.

Another point that you can understand from the number of trades of happy gold is that the EA doesn’t trade a lot. For example, the average trade for the older account is 1.28 per day.

Gained Profit

We have different total gains in the three accounts. The FXStat accounts, named REAL 1 and REAL 2, have gained 150.01% and 247.65% while the older account that its stats come from Tradesocio has made a 39,975.46% as profit, it started with $1000 and now it’s $ 399,666.52.

However, there are some unclear conditions in the older account that don’t add up. For example in 2014, it’s gained 324.31% while it shows1529.93% as total gain.

And also the total gain percentage of the account, 39975.46%, doesn’t match up with the sum of the profits of all the years. That may be related to the deposits made at different times though since the account is an investment one.

With all that said, something between 25% and 50% is what you get per year on average.

Max Drawdown

We look at max drawdown because we want to know how risky an EA is, the lower this number the less risky.

In general, less than 30% is considered low risk; however, it depends on your risk tolerance and the amount of money you want to invest. The more you invest the less risk you want to take so you may want to look for the EAs with lower drawdown.

Happy gold EA seems to have rather low drawdowns. You can see something between 15% and 26% as the max drawdown in different accounts.

I like to check historical floating loss which is called current drawdown as well but it seems that the stats services don’t provide such a factor — these metrics are available on Myfxbook and FXblue (other stats services).

So based on what we can observe from the stats, happy gold is considered a relatively low-risk expert advisor.

Profit Consistency

I look at this metric because it’s important to know whether the EA has traded in all months or the results are just for a few months and there’s no trade for some months.

It’s possible that an EA seller sets up an account on one of the third party stats services and doesn’t run his/her EA for quite some time and then runs the EA for 2 or 3 months.

Some people do such a trick to show that their EAs have long term results but in reality, their EAs have been running on a live account for a few months or weeks.

As you can see in the picture on the gained section above, the EA has been trading consistently every month since 2013. You can also see the same for other accounts of happy gold.

As a result, the ages of the accounts are legit and there’s no manipulation in this area and you would have continuous results.

Happy Gold Price

Apparently there’s no option in order to buy only happy gold EA and it’s offered in a bundle of the 12 EAs of happy forex, all for one and one for all or something like that.

I also asked them that just in case and the answer was, the EAs are sold in a bundle.

For receiving the package, you can pay €299 and purchase 2 licenses or alternatively pay €499 and buy 5 licenses.

There’s also a 30% discount that is deducted from those prices when you purchase either of them.

Happy Gold EA has a 30-day money back guarantee

The Bottom Line

In this happy gold review, we tried to put emphasis on the results of the EA represented by happy forex and see how well they are.

The results are acceptable to some extent and show that the EA can be profitable and give you 25% to 50% per year on average, however, there are some vague angles on the Tradesocio that need to be addressed — we talked about this in the Gained profit section.

I also prefer results from myfxbook better because there are some levels of verification there that make us more confident about the authenticity of results, but the accounts related to happy gold there are demos, therefore they are not worth much.

Since running EAs needs high-quality trading conditions, make sure to use a good VPS. I wrote an article about the best forex VPS that you can read here.

And don’t forget to use one of the best forex brokers for gold trading.

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    Nicely done, David. Good analysis, though the cumulative % does actually add up properly, with small variation due to rounding, if you multiply month by month during the year, rather than add them up.

    1. David

      Thanks, yeah that makes sense.

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