Interserver Windows VPS Review in 2024

In this review, we’re going to look into Interserver specifically windows VPS, and see how reliable it is to use in Forex trading. Since the quality of a VPS for trading purposes must be above par, you can be confident about a VPS service if it’s suitable for trading therefore using it for other purposes such as hosting is a no-brainer.

Anyway, since we’re reviewing this VPS service and its provider specifically for trading, we’ll consider some metrics fit for that and see how well Interserver is at each of them.

Interserver Overview

Basic Plan$10
Datacenter Locations
DDoS Protection20 GBps
Customer ServiceLive chat, ticket, phone
RefundUp to 30 days
WebsiteVisit Interserver

Interserver VPS Features

Interserver was founded in 1991. Being in this competitive industry for such a long time is not easy and you must be so competent and constantly improve your features to stay in the game.

When I was searching for the best forex VPS, I found Interserver and soon I realized this VPS provider is one of the services that I can place on my top list of VPS for trading.

The number of plans and their prices for windows VPS caught my eye at the first glance and after digging more; I found some interesting features and conditions that we’re going to talk about in this review.

Location and Latency

This is probably the only Achilles’ heel of Interserver when it comes to picking a VPS for trading.


I wrote about the location for VPS and latency in the best Forex VPS article to a great extent but in a nutshell, you should choose a VPS that has datacenters in the country where the datacenters of your broker are located to decrease latency and get faster responses.

Since the datacenters of Interserver are only located in the US; New Jersey and Los Angeles, you should choose this VPS provider if your broker’s datacenter is in the US — you can ask your broker about the location of their datacenter if you don’t know.

It’s not vital in many cases that the datacenters of your VPS and broker are in the same city. The same country would be good enough unless you use a very sensitive/high-frequency strategy or EA.

All in all, if the datacenter of your broker is in the US, you can keep reading this review because Interserver is one of your best options; otherwise, you should pick another VPS provider from here.


According to Interserver’s website, partnering with Cloudflare empowers them to use a global network of caching data centers so that their services are up 99.9% of the time. I don’t have any reasons to believe otherwise. I reviewed Interserver a few years back for the first time and constantly have monitored the feedback from the followers/viewers of my website to update my reviews and I haven’t received any complaint about a tangible disconnection or an uptime problem. By the way,

you can contact me through Contact Us page or comment below this article and give your feedback to help us write more valuable reviews.

DDoS Protection

Since DDoS attacks can cause disconnection and downtime and consequently harm traders’ results, especially high-frequency and/or grid strategies/EAs, Having some level of DDoS protection from your VPS provider is suggested.

Interserver offers a 20 Gbps DDoS protection on their services which is more than enough to prevent a DDoS attack — 90% of the attacks need less than 10GBps.

Customer Service

Customer service is another factor that I consider when reviewing a VPS provider. I’ve used VPS services with no online chat or any other instant connections so in some cases I waited for hours and even 2 days (on weekends) to get a simple response.

Well, it’s not the case with Interserver since they have 24/7 support via Online chat, phone, and ticket, however, it takes a few minutes to respond on the live chat and is not very fast, at least in my experience.

Calling them is a bit better and you won’t have to wait that much to get connected with support. I can give them something between A and B+ for their customer service, not bad but sometimes it’s a bit annoying especially when it’s not during their company’s working hours.

Overall, it’s far better than many customer services in the industry.

Interserver Windows VPS Purchase Plans

One of the strong suits of Interserver VPS is a broad range of plans that can serve all types of users. Whether you need a simple windows VPS with the cheapest price possible or you need a professional VPS with strong slices and resources, Interserver’s VPS plans cover you.

You’re not bound to a few designed plans and you can pick whatever resource you need and design your own VPS based on your needs and budget.

The windows VPS plans start from $10 with some basic resources and they increase up to $160 which includes a powerful chunk of CPU, RAM, and storage space.

From the trading perspective, If you want to run one Metatrader/EA, or even 2, the first slice would be enough and you don’t need to pay more than $10 for your VPS. It gives you a 1-core CPU, 2 GB RAM, and 30 GM SSD hard which are suitable for your basic needs.

On the other hand, if you decide to run several Metatraders/EAs, you definitely need more resources and higher slices.

In general, you need at least 1 GB RAM for every 2 Mt4s/MT5s but it all depends on your device’s (PC, laptop, etc) resources as well, you can find more info about that under “What Features Should the Best Forex VPS have?” on the best forex vps article.

Buy Interserver VPS

Payment Methods

Interserver has a variety of payment methods for different countries. There are some common methods such as:

 Visa or Master Cards, American Express, Discover Card, wire transfer, and PayPal

 And there are other methods specifically for some countries including:

CHINA: Union Pay, AliPay, Tenpay


POLAND: Dotpay

INDIA: UPI, India Bank Transfer

The Bottom Line

After reviewing and examining Interserver, I got convinced that it is one of the VPS providers that gives you a high-quality service as well as reasonable prices stemming from the wide range of slices that they offer.

It’s not an easy task to both provide a high standard of service and design reasonable plans at the same time. I think since Interserver has been in the industry for a long time, they’ve found the needs of their clients very well and have acted accordingly.

The only downside that I found is the location of their datacenter which is limited to the US. It might not be the case for many users but if you’re a trader using a sensitive strategy or EA and your broker’s data center is not in the US, you should go with another VPS provider. In this case, you can find a list of the best VPS providers here.

Interserver Windows VPS






DDoS Protection


Customer Service


plans variety





  • Customizable Plans with Reasonable Prices


  • Lack of Datacenters in Different Countries

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