Are Demo Accounts Rigged By Forex Brokers?

The answer is yes and no or it doesn’t matter, or does it! *scratching his head* When you‘ve just started forex and opened a demo account you’re just like a superhero, virtually of course, with a lot of money, fake one obviously. Something like batman except not with batmobile, but with a batatrader or any other bat platforms. “Do you really want to say something valuable?” Sorry, let’s look at the question one more time. Are demo accounts rigged by…

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Forex Average Daily Range

The table of the Average Daily Range for 28 currency pairs from 2014 to 2022. (the numbers are rounded) Average Daily Range of Gold (XAUUSD) was added to the table Average Daily Range of Silver (XAGUSD) was added to the table. For the Average Daily Range of Exotic Forex pairs see here Update in January 2023 Help:  Use the filter for CURRENCY PAIR tab (click on it) to sort it alphabetically  Use the filter of each year to sort currency…


Forex Scalping – Ins and Outs

Forex scalping is the fastest way of trading and as a scalper, you have more on your plate than other types of traders such as swing traders or position traders who stay in a trade much longer, therefore, you see difficulties that they might not even see in their career. Of course, there are some factors that if you know in the first place, you'll lose less and become profitable sooner. Some of the factors are internal and related to…


Should I Give Up Forex Trading?

This is the question I asked myself more than a decade ago for the first time and when I knew forex for a few months. I didn’t even trade by the time and I was looking for a strategy. So, I've been there and I think you shouldn't give up forex trading before checking the following factors. I think if you consider them and apply the ones that you haven't so far, you would probably clean that question off your…

How Did Online Poker Improve My Forex Trading
poker and forex

How Did Online Poker Improve My Forex Trading

There are a lot of factors that playing poker and trading forex, stock, or any other types of such markets have in common. playing poker can really change and improve your trading career. Even if you don’t intend to play for a long time, playing for a short period of time can give you a better understanding of trading especially if you are a beginner in those markets. In poker, like trading, you have a chance to know yourself more…