ReliableVPS Review in 2024

ReliableVPS is one of the top-notch VPS providers in the industry. It might not be very popular, perhaps because it’s somehow new; but by offering above-the-par services, they’ve come out as a serious competitor for the big names in the industry.

In this review we’re going to look into different features of the VPS services of ReliableVPS and see how “reliable” they really are especially when it comes to using VPS for trading — I always say if a VPS is good enough for trading it’s probably the best option for other purposes such as hosting, we’ll see why in this review.

ReliableVPS Overview

Basic Plan$15
Datacenter Locations
DDoS Protection1 GBps
Customer ServiceLive chat, ticket, email
RefundNo Refund but trial is available
WebsiteVisit ReliableVPS

ReliableVPS VPS Features

The first time I reviewed this VPS provider was in 2019. It was just established and I had come across it when I was searching for the best Forex VPS. Mostly I don’t place a new service; whether it’s a broker, EA, or VPS, on the top lists of my site since there is not enough feedback and we don’t know about them very well. However, things went down in a way this time that changed my mind.

The first thing that caught my interest and made me keep digging was the conversation I had with their support through the live chat on ReliableVPS website. The support was very quick, professional, and knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

After that, I went through their website and examined the feature of their VPS as well as the VPS slices that they offer including resources and prices. Their plans were very competitive in terms of both prices and the amount of resources dedicated to each plan.

With that said, they went out of resources for a while, probably they didn’t expect that many clients in a short period of time, but they equipped themselves and came back stronger with better resources and conditions.

Anyway, let’s dig deeper and review the VPS features of ReliableVPS thoroughly.

Location and Latency

The lack of several locations for datacenters might be the only downside I found about the VPS service of ReliableVPS. Of course, it’s probably not the case if you want to use a VPS for hosting your website, at least in most cases, however, if you need a VPS for trading purposes you should consider it.

The servers of ReliableVPS are only located in the US and UK so if the datacenter of your broker is outside the US/UK, you get some degree of latency which might cause problems for some sensitive high-frequency trading strategies/robots.

Of course, most brokers have datacenters in the US and/or the UK, but if you’re not sure about that, you can either ask your broker or check out the latency table on the trading VDS  page of ReliableVPS website.

All in all, you won’t have any problems if your broker has datacenter in the US or UK but if it doesn’t you should use another VPS provider; you can find a list of top VPS providers fit for trading here.


Uptime is one of the important metrics I consider when reviewing VPS services. You can lose money and clients if you use a VPS for hosting and it keeps being down on several occasions per month.

Downtime also can hurt your strategy or EA’s results especially if it’s an EA that opens several related trades and applies strategies such as grid or Martingale.

ReliableVPS claims that its VPS services are up 100% of the time which is a bold statement. Most of the time VPS providers state that their uptime is 99.99 % to show the quality of their service. There are always unforeseen incidents so promising 100% uptime might be difficult to be kept.

All in all, the 99.9% uptime will suffice and you probably won’t have any problems whether you use it for hosting, trading, or any other purposes.

DDoS Protection

ReliableVPS offers up to 1GBps DDoS protection on its VPS services which is enough for trading purposes and also for 90% of hosting uses. Of course for hosting, you won’t need that if you use services such as Cloudflare which protects you from such attacks.

Customer Service

As I said in the introduction section of this review, the first thing that caught my attention when I stumbled upon ReliableVPS, a newly founded VPS provider at the time, was their professional and helpful support of the live chat on Reliablevps website.

Since I wanted to write a review about them, I asked them many questions both about technical topics as well as different questions about their slices, prices, etc. The answers to many of my questions were already on the website but the support answered all of them meticulously.

Overall, I can give them an A or even A+ for their customer service. By the way, you can also contact them via email and ticket.

ReliableVPS Purchase Plans

ReliableVPS has various VPS plans but here we review the plans designed specifically for trading.

Instead of a VPS service, they offer VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server. The difference is unlike VPS that resources such as RAM or CPU are not completely dedicated to one client; in the VDS they dedicate the mentioned resources in each plan to one client. As a result, you receive a higher quality service.

ReliavleVPS has 4 different plans specifically for trading:

Trader Mini

The basic plan is called Trade Mini and costs you $15. We call that basic but it is more than enough for many traders. In fact, the resources in this slice are in the advanced plans of many VPS providers, of course with a much higher price.

With $15 you get a 2-Core CPU, 8 GB RAM, and 80 GB of disk space which is somehow awesome. They say this plan is for running 3 terminals but I’m pretty sure you can run more Metatraders on it and not have a slight lag or crash.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
2 Core8 GB80 GB SSD15 TB2012, 2019$15

Trader TX1

If the resources on the Trader Mini plan are not enough for you and you want to run up to 10 terminals on your VPS without any problems, you might want to pick the Trader TX1 plan.

A 3-Core CUP, 12 GB RAM, and a 120 GM of hard are what you receive when picking this plan. I’m pretty sure it’s more than enough for 90% of traders but if you’re in the 10% category, you can take a look at the next plans.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
3 Core12 GB120 GB SSD15 TB2012, 2019$20

Trader TX2

This plan is fit for those traders who intend to run up to 20 terminals easily. You can definitely do that with a 6-Core CPU, 24 GB RAM, and 240 GB of disk space.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
6 Core24 GB240 GB SSD15 TB2012, 2019$40

Trader TX3

If the resources of the Trader TX2 plan are still not enough, you might want to try the Trader TX3 plan on which you can run 40 trading terminals.

An 8-Core CPU and 32 GB RAM will suffice to run a lot of terminals and yet you don’t see any problems and crashes. I don’t think there are many traders, at least forex traders, who say this amount of resource is not enough for my trading purposes.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
8 Core32 GB320 GB SSD15 TB2012, 2019$80

ReliableVPS purchases are not refundable but you can order a trial for any plans before buying them.

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The Bottom Line

Reviewing ReliableVPS showed us although it’s a rather new VPS provider the service they offer is above the par and in some cases better than many veteran VPS providers.

The amount of resources they’ve dedicated to each of their plans shows that the first priority for them is clients’ satisfaction and they want to be in the business for long term.

The only downside is their datacenter’s locations which are in the US and the UK. This might not be a problem for many clients but as we saw in this review, it might not be suitable for some traders. If you’re among those traders and your broker doesn’t have datacenter in the mentioned countries, you should pick another VPS provider. In this case, you can see this article to find the best VPS provider for trading.







DDoS Protection


Customer Service


Plans Variety





  • Reasonable Price with High Resources
  • Helpful Customer Service


  • Lack of Datacenter

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