RoboForex No Deposit Bonus Review

Roboforex is one of the brokers that offer no deposit bonuses. The bonus is $30 now in 2024 but they’ve had various bonuses like this for several years. I know this because I’d got their bonus years ago. Obviously I couldn’t remember terms and conditions of the bonus because it was way back, so I decided to dig into that and review it and of course to see what you need to do to receive it.

I normally take a quick peek at the whole picture to see what the offer is and when I did that for Roboforex no deposit bonus, I saw good and bad news!

The good news is the condition of withdrawing the bonus is awesome — actually, this is the best one I’ve seen so far.

Although like many other no deposit bonuses you can’t withdraw the bonus itself and only the profit gained from the bonus is withdrawable, there aren’t any conditions and limitations for withdrawing the profit.

Normally, you need to trade a specific number of lots to be allowed to withdraw the profit. Moreover, in most cases, there is a time period for that as well.

For example, you have to trade 10 lots within 2 months in order to withdraw the profit gained from the bonus otherwise, the bonus will be canceled, but Roboforex doesn’t have such limitations for the no deposit bonus it offers.

You can withdraw any profits you earned as soon as you have profits in your account.

It was interesting to see that because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t like that when I got their no deposit bonus and I had to trade some lots to take out the profit, so I asked their customer service to make sure I hadn’t missed something.

They have a 24/7 customer service and they are fast at answering (most of the time) via online chat so it took me a few seconds to figure out that was true and there’s no limitation on withdrawing the profit.

That’s a great advantage compared to the no deposit bonus of other brokers and makes Roboforex stands out from terms and conditions perspective. You have really free money to trade with no string attached.

There is just one thing that may be considered bad news:

You have to deposit $10 to be eligible for the bonus, but wait!

It’s not that bad because this $10 is only for verification and you can withdraw that whenever you want during your trading.

Now let’s look at the process of receiving the bonus and other terms and conditions.

Note: Roboforex can’t accept clients from the United States and Canada.

Terms and Conditions of Roboforex No Deposit Bonus

First thing first, it’s a welcome bonus which means you only receive that once. You can’t get that if you used that before.

Roboforex welcome bonus 30 is available for standard and cent accounts so when you want to open an account, you have to pick from one of those two types — I’ll explain that in the next section more.

The bonus is available for all countries except for Republic of Indonesia, and Islamic Republic of Pakistan — and of course the US and Canada residents who can’t open any accounts with Roboforex.

The maximum leverage for the no deposit account is 1:1000, which I think is more than enough.

We’ll talk about the verification process in the next section more but:

During the verification process you need to deposit $10 and the only methods for this transaction is through bank cards, however, there are some exceptions for some countries — see the next section.

Scalping and automated trading (EAs) are allowed.

How to Receive Roboforex No Deposit Bonus

The first step to receiving the no deposit bonus is to open an account here.

It’s a normal process of registration for opening an account where you should fill out a form using your personal information such as name, email, country, phone number, and address.

They have several types of accounts but no deposit is available, as I said in the previous section, for pro-standard and pro-cent MT4/MT5 so you have to open one of them — besides MT4 and MT5, Roboforex has other platforms but for no deposit bonus you need to choose either MT4 or MT5.

Then a member area will be created for you and inside that there’s a verification section (in the main menu → profile → verification) where you have to submit your documents to be verified.

There are 3 items that need to be verified.

  • Identity
  • Address
  • Phone number

For your identity, you can submit your passport or any official ID cards such as Voting card, driving license, Residence permit, and etc.

For your address, you can submit documents such as Property deed, mortgage loans certificate, bill of sale, hypothecation, lease agreement, any types of utility bills and etc.

Your phone number will be verified through SMS. They send you a code and you should enter that in the confirmation part.

Then you need to deposit $10 into your account via one of these methods (there are some exceptions):

  • China UnionPay
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • VISA cards

They have various payment methods such as electronic cards and e-wallets but for the verification of no deposit bonus, there are only above methods available in the terms and condition agreement, however, during the conversation I had with them via online chat, they mentioned there are some exceptions for certain countries.

You can use their available electronic payments such as Webmoney, Perfect Money Bitcoin and many more for some countries so check the available payment methods here and ask them through online chat.

After passing the mentioned verification process, they send you an email containing a welcome bonus code and you need to do the following steps to activate your bonus:

  1. Go to “Extras” section of your Members Area.
  2. Enter the received code into the required field.
  3. Choose the trading account where extra funds will be transferred to.
  4. Read the conditions of the offer and tick the box if you agree.

The welcome or no deposit bonus will be deposited to your account within 5 days.

Note: after receiving the bonus code, you have 30 days to activate that otherwise it’ll be canceled.

You don’t have any time limitation for trading using the bonus. The 30-day period is for activating the bonus, not trading.

Types of Accounts for Roboforex No Deposit Bonus

Roboforex has 4 main types of accounts but you can choose two of them for trading using no deposit bonus, Pro standard, and Pro cent.

These are the features of those 2 types:


Trading instruments: 36 currency pairs, Metals, CFD, Cryptocurrencies

Minimum deposit: 10 USD / 10 EUR / 100 CNY

Minimum margin for transaction: 1

Commission: No

Execution type: Market Execution

Spread  floating: from 1.3 points

Quotes extended: (5 digits after comma)

Maximum leverage: 1:2000 (this is 1:1000 for no deposit)

Minimum order volume (lots): 0.01

Maximum order volume (lots): 100

Maximum number of positions: no limitations

Minimum step volume: 0.01

Stop Out: 20%

Free withdrawal of funds: Yes

Swap-Free account: Yes

One-Click Trading: Yes

Account history is stored: for 1 year


Trading instruments: 36 currency pairs, Metals, Cryptocurrencies

Minimum deposit: 10 USD / 10 EUR / 100 CNY

Minimum margin for transaction: 0.1

Commission: No

Execution type: Market Execution

Spread  floating: from 1.3 points

Quotes extended: (5 digits after comma)

Maximum leverage: 1:2000 (this is 1:1000 for no deposit)

Minimum order volume (lots): 0.1, MT5 0.01

Maximum order volume (lots):500

Maximum number of positions: 200

Minimum step volume: 0.01

Stop Out: 10%

Free withdrawal of funds: Yes

Swap-Free account: Yes

One-Click Trading: Yes

Account history is stored: for 1 month

Other Types of Roboforex Bonus

Besides no deposit bonus, Rpboforex offers some other kinds of bonuses that are called deposit bonuses which means you need to deposit first to be eligible for them.

You can deposit any amount up to $50k and receive one of those bonuses not only for your first deposit but also for the following deposits you make.

Roboforex has 2 types of such a bonus.

Profit Share Bonus

In this type of bonus, you can deposit from $10 to $10000 for one account and $20000 for several accounts and receive from 25% to 50% bonus. Up to $300 you receive 25% of your deposit as a bonus and above $300 you get 50% as a bonus.

The registration process is like no deposit. First, you need to open an account here. The available accounts for this bonus are the two types we introduced in the previous section, pro standard and pro cent.

Then you have to submit the documents of your identity and address and deposit any amount you want from your member area. When you’re depositing, you need to choose profit share bonus in the deposit form.

For withdrawing the bonus and the profit gained from the bonus, you have to meet some conditions:

When you deposit your account with profit share bonus you can’t withdraw your deposit and the bonus. You can just withdraw the profit gained from your own money until you either cancel the bonus so you can withdraw your own money and your profit or trade a specific number of lots so you can withdraw your own money, your profit, the bonus amount, and the profit gained from the bonus.

The number of lots you need to trade is:

Number of standard lots=the bonus in USD

Note: all the trades on currency pairs and metals are taken into account in the above calculation — trades on CFDs and Cryptocurrencies are not included in that.


You deposit $1000. Since it’s more than $300, you can receive 50% i.e., $500. At this moment because the bonus is active you can’t withdraw your own money, $1000, unless you cancel the bonus, $500.

But you decide to trade with this $1500 account. Now your share of this account is 66.67% and the bonus share is 33.33%.

Now you trade 20 lots and after losing and winning, you earn $300.

66.67% of this profit belongs to your money ($1000) which is $200 and 33.33 is the profit for the bonus, $100.

Now you can withdraw the profit gained from your own money i.e. , $200 but you still can’t withdraw your deposited money, the bonus and the profit gained from than ($1600) because you haven’t reached the required lots which is equal to the bonus:

$500 = 500 lots

You’ve traded only 20 lots and you need to trade 480 lots more to be eligible for withdrawing all the money. Or you can alternatively cancel the bonus and withdraw your own money and the profit, $1200.

While this bonus is active, you can deposit again and receive profit share bonus for that as well.

The bonus won’t be canceled if you lose all your deposited money and you can still trade with the bonus.

for example, you deposit $1000 and get $500 as the bonus. Then you trade and lose all the $1000 you deposited. In this case, you still have $500 in your account to trade.

This was a concise definition of this bonus. For more information, you can open an account and find out more in your member area under the section of promotion.

Classic Bonus

Classic bonus is another deposit bonus where you can find up to 115% extra money as the bonus for up to $50000. Up to $300 you can get up to 50%. Between $300 and $500, you can request for up to 100% and above $500 you can have up to 115% as a bonus.

The bonus is not available for clients from Malaysia.

The registration process is like the previous bonus. First, you need to open a pro standard or pro cent account here.

Then the verification process is needed. You should submit your identity and address documents in your member area.

After that, you can deposit an amount starting from $10. Make sure to select classic bonus while depositing into the account.

You can pick one of these percentages according to the mentioned deposit amount:

10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 50%, 100% or 115%.

If you’ve already chosen the previous bonus, profit share, you can’t pick this one at the same time.

Like the previous bonus, profit share, you can’t withdraw the bonus and your own money until you trade a specific amount of lots but unlike profit share, there are no shares for the profit gained from the bonus and the profit earned from your own money.

In other words, you can withdraw any profit you gain from the sum of your own money and the bonus.

For example

You deposit $1000 and choose 100% as the bonus. Now you have $2000 in your account. You can’t withdraw this amount until meet required lots; however, you can cancel the bonus at any time and withdraw your own money.

Then you trade and make a profit of $500. You can withdraw the whole profit without any restrictions.

For withdrawing the bonus and your own money, you have to trade a number of lots similar to the profit share bonus:

Number of standard lots=the bonus in USD

In the above example, you need to trade 500 lots before withdrawing the bonus or your deposited money. Again you can cancel the bonus at any time and withdraw your deposited money.

Unlike the profit share bonus, if you lose your deposited money, the classic bonus will be canceled automatically.

In our example, you trade with the $2000 but before reaching the 500 lots, you get to the stop out level (you get a margin call and the stop out). In this case the 100% bonus will be canceled and now you can’t trade.

Roboforex Overview

Location: Belize

Foundation Year: 2009

Regulation: IFSC License no – IFSC/60/271/TS and CySEC license No. 191/13

Types of Accounts: STP and ECN

Spread: floating from zero in ECN and prime accounts and 1.3 for pro accounts

Minimum Account Size: $10

Payment Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, ePayments, FasaPay, Neteller, PaySec, Poli, Qiwi, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Yandex Money and more.

Available Countries: All excluding the USA and Canada

MAX Leverage: 1:2000

Trading Instruments: Forex, Indices, Commodities, Metals, CFDs, Cryptoindices, and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Ripple)

Trading Platform: MT5 and MT4 (Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Web), cTrader

Automated trading (EAs): Allowed

Scalping: Allowed

The Bottom Line

Roboforex $30 no deposit bonus or welcome bonus is one of the best bonuses in terms of withdrawing conditions.

The reason I like it and I decided to write this review is because unlike many no deposit bonuses, this one not only doesn’t need any lot requirements but it also doesn’t have any restriction for time period and you can trade and make profits over that as much as possible.

Maybe the only downside of that is the $10 you need to deposit first in order for verification but we can ignore that since you can withdraw that at any time.

The bonus is good for you:

If you’ve traded for a while on demo accounts and now you want to come out of the demo world and step into the real trading or live accounts. It’s a good opportunity to become familiar with different aspects of trading with real money.

If you have a very small amount of money but you think you have enough trading skills to grow small accounts. Now you are a few steps closer to your goal with this bonus.

If you have money for trading but you want to know brokers better and see their performances like spreads or market execution in the real accounts, not demos. This is a good situation where you can analyze this broker better using its own money.

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