TradingFXVPS Full Review in 2024

TradingFXVPS is one of the VPS providers that has dedicated its service to the Forex industry. In this review, we are going to explore different aspects of their VPS services and see if TradingFXVPS is a reliable VPS provider.

Since the VPS service of this company is designed to serve Forex users, we can expect that they have paid heed to some metrics that are more critical when it comes to Forex VPS.

Well, let’s see if we’re right about that…

TradingFXVPS Overview

Basic Plan$ 25
Datacenter Locations
Uptime100 %
DDoS ProtectionN/A
Customer ServiceLive chat, ticket, email, Phone, Skype, Facebook
RefundUp to 30 days
WebsiteVisit TradingFXVPS

TradingFXVPS Features

For reviewing Forex VPS providers, I consider some factors that are more essential to Forex users. For instance, Latency is one of them. If you want to run a high frequency EA, you need to receive the least latency possible so your trades are executed as quickly as possible.

Anyway, I’ve explained all these factors in the Best Forex VPS article. You can check that out if you want to learn about all of them but for now, let’s examine those metrics in TradingFXVPS.  

Location and Latency

As mentioned, one of the major factors that we consider for picking a Forex VPS is latency.

Latency is not very important if you use a VPS for example to just have a seamless connection or even run an EA with no sensitivity to milliseconds, this includes many EAs.

On the other hand, if you want to run a high frequency EA that requires very fast execution, latency plays a main role here.

If you’re in the second category, you need to choose a VPS that has datacenters near the datacenters of your broker so that you can receive nominal latency, something like 1 or 2ms.

The datacenters of TradingFXVPS are located in different parts of the world including the US, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. The distribution of TradingFXVPS datacenter’s locations provides a higher chance of finding a low latency location.

If you want to know the latency of your broker to different locations of TradingFXVPS so that you can pick the right location, you can check out the “broker latency” page on their website.

Search your broker and see which TradingFXVPS location has the lowest latency to your broker, that’s the right choice for you.


Uptime is another factor that we consider when reviewing a VPS not only for a Forex VPS service but also for any other VPS usage in general.

It’s important because when there is downtime, we obviously get disconnected which can affect the result of our EAs.

Trading FXVPS promises 100% uptime, however, it’s kind of a bold promise. Probably that’s why they haven’t stated that in their terms of service.

Even if you use state-of-the-art technology, there are always unforeseen events. Anyway, 99.9% would do the trick so if they can retain that number, I think all their clients would be happy.

DDoS Protection

This factor is mostly important when you want a VPS service for hosting a website because DDoS attacks are usually on websites, not on your Forex VPS. There might be attacks on the overall service of a VPS provider but an attack on a specific Forex VPS is rare.

All the VPS providers Normally have a level of protection on their facilities so that they avoid DDoS attacks and consequently prevent their services from downtime. TradingFXVPS as a VPS provider has the same approach. They’ve mentioned on their website:

“All our servers are monitored 24/7, 365 days by our technical team. In addition, all our VPS are well-equipped with multi-tier security protection such as Anti-Virus, Sandbox feature, Malware protection, RDP Guard, and DDoS protection. to avoid any network downtime.”

If you want to know more about DDoS attacks, you can check out here.

Customer Service

There are several ways that you can contact TradingFXVPS. You can send them an email, make a phone call, contact them through Skype or Facebook, and last but not least chat with their agents on the live chat box of the TradingFXVPS website.

I have to say that the variety of contact methods in this VPS provider shows that they care about their customer and want to provide them with good support. I was convinced more about that when I contacted them to test their customer service.

The live chat was super fast as if it’d been waiting for me. As soon as I said hey, the agent replied, “how may I help you”, in a matter of milliseconds lol. Anyway, I asked several questions and he answered all but one. The unanswered question was about detailed information related to their DDoS protection and he referred me to their email support.

The email support answered within 15 minutes or so which is quick regarding the standard of the industry.

TradingFXVPS Purchase Plans

TradingFXVPS has 3 curated VPS plans and 1 dedicated plan. They’ve used the best technology in the specification of resources.

For example, CPUs in all plans are Intel 19 3.5 GHz which is fit for the EAs with high frequency strategies, or their hard drives are NVMe which is faster than HHD and SSD. I think that’s why the prices for their plans are above the average in the industry.

Now, let’s take a look at the plans and their slices.

Standard VPS

The first plan of TradingFXVPS costs you $25 and it comes with a 1-Core 3.5 GHz CPU, 2 GM RAM, and 30 GB NVMe storage space. These amount of resources could be enough to run up to 5 trading terminals and/or EAs.

At first glance, you might say the price for those slices are high or we can’t run that number of terminals or EAs without problems using those resources, however, when you look closer at their specification, you can figure out why the price is not high and why you can run such a number of terminals on this plan.

As mentioned earlier, the CPU of the VPS is 3.5 GHz which is considered a fast processor. The same goes for hard drives. The NVMe drives are so faster than the SSD ones, almost 6 times faster.

That’s why I think $25 is not a bad deal at all for a VPS with these slices and specifications.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
1 Core (3.5 GHz)2 GB30 GB NVMeUnlimited2012$ 25

Advanced VPS

If you need more resources and want to run more terminals/EAs, the Advanced VPS of TradingFXVPS might be the VPS you’re looking for.

With $45 you receive a 2-Core 3.5 GHz CPU, 4 GB DDR4 RAM, and 40 GB NVMe storage space. This plan would be suitable to run up to 10 trading terminals/EAs without lagging.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
2 Core (3.5 GHz)4 GB40 GB NVMeUnlimited2012, 2016, 2019$ 45

Expert VPS

The Expert VPS plan has been designed for the Forex clients who want to run several EAs on multiple charts simultaneously. If you’re among those people, you need a VPS with high power slices which of course has been included in this plan.

A 4-Core 3.5GHz Intel CPU, 8 GB DDR4 ram, and 50 GB NVMe storage space are some of the resources of the Expert VPS plan.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
4 Core (3.5 GHz)8 GB50 GB NVMeUnlimited2012, 2016, 2019$ 90

I think this plan can cover 99% of Forex users but if you’re not in this category and still need more resources, you might want to check out the next plan.

Dedicated Server

This is the ultimate solution that TradingFXVPS offers to meet the needs of any type of Forex user. If you have one or several Forex robots with complicated algorithms that consumes numerous computing power, you should check out this dedicated VPS.

A very powerful 4-Core turbo series 4 GHz CPU makes the process of EAs’ computation ultra fast. Add a 16 GB DDR4 RAM to that and you can have a smooth experience.

Of course, for having that, you need to pay $199 per month which is not high regarding the resources you receive. As mentioned earlier, it’s not necessary for the majority of Forex users, however, there are definitely users/Algo trading strategies that need such resources.

CPURAMDisk SpaceBandwidthWindows ServerPrice
4 Core (4 GHz)16 GB40 GB NVMeUnlimited2012, 2016, 2019$ 199

The Bottom Line

In this review, we tried to look into the different aspects of TradingFXVPS and find the pros and cons of this provider and its VPS services.

Firstly, since the TradingFXVPS team has dedicated its service to the Forex industry, they’ve found the critical factors of a VPS service for Forex users and enhanced those metrics.

I think the strongest suit of TradingFXVPS is the leading-edge technology that they use for their VPS slices. They apply powerful CPUs from one of the best companies, Intel, and also the most advanced version of RAM and hard drive.

Although I think this VPS provider is a good one, there are a few downsides, mostly in quantity, not quality. For instance, they lack inexpensive plans to cover a broader range of Forex users. Maybe they don’t want to sacrifice their quality to gain more clients.

All in all, it’s one of the best Forex VPS in the industry, especially for more professional users. If you just want to run an EA that doesn’t use a lot of computation power, you might want to choose a cheaper VPS. You can find other VPS providers and cheaper VPS services on The Best Forex VPS article.







DDoS Protection


Customer Service


Plans Variety





  • Using Advanced Technology


  • Lack of Cheap Plans

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